Party Casino Baccarat

Party Casino Baccarat While no one can beat the odds of baccarat long term, many successful baccarat players can make their money last longer and reap more reward from the game by using a baccarat system.

Party Casino Baccarat

Party Casino Baccarat American baccarat rules generally follow the formula below:

  • Wagers on the Player’s hand gives the casino an advantage of 1.29 percent.
  • Wagerson the Banker’s hand gives the casino an advantage of 1.01 percent.
  • Wagers on a Tie gives the casino an advantage of 15.75 percent.
Party Casino Baccarat

This means that when you wager on the Player’s hand, you lose 1.29 dollars in every hundred.

Party Casino Baccarat So how does one win at baccarat? Many baccarat players still manage to win despite the house’s advantage by exercising a baccarat system.

A winning system can be developed based on the results of all previous rounds played and by taking into account the previous bets made on baccarat hands throughout the course of a game.

Party Casino Baccarat

Party Casino Baccarat History

However, it is almost impossible to forecast which hand will win in a round because baccarat is essentially a game of chance and not probabilities. Mathematically speaking, no one can influence the odds.

One system that many baccarat fans favor however is known as the 1-3-2-6 system. This method of play focuses on monitoring past bets. It aims to reduce the dollar amount of bets while still aiming for the largest possible win.

Party Casino Baccarat

How To Play PartyCasino Baccarat ?

Those that choose to exercise the 1-3-2-6 system of baccarat follow these rules:

1)       Place a one unit bet to commence the game. If you win your bet in the first round, increase the amount to a three unit bet for the second round.

2)       If you win the second bet, you have six units available to you. Retrieve four units and place the remaining two as your third bet.

3)       If you win this third bet, add an extra two units and use a total of six units on your fourth bet.

4)       If you win this fourth bet, you have profited by ten units from a total sum of twelve. In the first instance, you must sacrifice one unit if you lose your first bet. You lose two units if you win your first bet but lose the second wager.


If your second wager is successful, you profit two units. If you win three bets but lose the fourth, you break even. You can also break even if you lose the second bet five out of six rounds but come back with four successful consecutive bets in the game.
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