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PartyCasino Bingo A session of bingo can comprise up to 30 games of PartyCasino Bingo conducted within an 8 hours timeframe. The permit holder may conduct up to 4 sessions of bingo within each 7-day period.

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A minor gaming permit for the conduct of bingo can be issued for up to two years. The permit and any approved amendments to the permit must clearly be displayed at the entrance of the premises during the time in which a session of bingo is being conducted.

PartyCasino Bingo BILLIONS

A pattern where you must cover the whole card to win. Same as coverall.

The person (or machine) who calls out the bingo numbers for the player.

Your playing card, of course!

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Chat room
A screen displayed alongside your game where you can type in messages to other players and read their responses.

A pattern where you must cover the whole card to win. Same as blackout.

Early bird game
A bingo game that starts before another regularly scheduled game.

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Free space
The middle square of the card. You get it free every game and it counts towards your winning pattern.

Game board
The display board over your cards that shows you the balls in play.

Game room
Some online games divide the players into game rooms. The smaller group makes a more manageable chat room.

A big prize usually awarded for achieving a difficult pattern (such as a blackout) within a specified number of balls.

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You only need the numbers that form the pattern to win the game. The most basic patterns are straight lines in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. One popular pattern is the “blackout” or “coverall” where you have to cover the whole card to win.


PartyCasino Bingo History

Bingo has had many names and variations. The earliest name, lotto (or loto), a children’s game, was first recorded in 1778. The original American form, called keno, kino, or po-keno, dates from the early 19th century. The only form of gambling
permitted in the British armed services, the game is called in the Royal Navy tombola (1880) and in the Army, house (1900), or housy-housy. Other American names are beano, lucky, radio, and fortune. At the height of its popularity during the Great Depression of the 1930s, a variant (often called screeno) was played in motion-picture theatres, with one night in the week designated bank night, when patrons received free bingo cards with their admission tickets; prizes amounted to hundreds of dollars in cash or merchandise.

How To Party Casino Bingo

Bingo has been played enthusiastically in Japan and has even been introduced at the casino in Monte-Carlo. In Great Britain the game received its greatest impetus when the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 permitted the formation of a large number
of commercial lotto clubs. Within a few years, the game achieved a popularity equaling or exceeding that which it had formerly enjoyed in the United States.

Also called LOTTO, game of chance using cards on which there is a grid of numbers, a row of which constitute a win when they have been chosen at random. Bingo is one of the most popular forms of low-priced gambling in the world.

Bingo is legal in most U.S. states that prohibit other forms of gambling. It is permitted in Ireland when the profits are for charity; and it is closely regulated in the United Kingdom, where lotto halls were subjected to a tax in 1966.

There are several different bingo games played throughout a session. The games vary with the bingo hall, but there are always “regular” games. In a regular game, you fill your card with a straight-line bingo – horizontal, diagonal, or vertical. In most regular games, “four corners” also counts. This is the top and bottom “B” and “O”.

Party Casino Bingo Other Games

Party Casino Bingo Other games will vary by bingo parlor, but here is a sampling of the most common:
Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Fill a single bingo card with three bingos (corners do not count)

Six Pack
Fill to make a pattern of six numbers, two rows of three each, horizontal or vertical. Sometimes you can use the free space, sometimes not.

Nine pack
Fill a square of nine numbers.

Eight states
Fill the numbers surrounding the free space.

Postage stamps
Fill two squares of four numbers on a single card, each in a corner of your card.

Kite and Tail
Fill a diagonal plus one of the corners running through the diagonal, to make it look like a kite.

Top and bottom
Fill the top row and bottom row.

Dotted picture frame
Fill every other space around the card.

Cover all
Usually for $500 and the last game of the night. Fill all numbers on a card for bingo.

There are many other possible games. The caller will explain each, plus you will have a paper explaining each game to guide you through the evening.
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