PartyCasino Slot

PartyCasino Slot There’s nothing like the sound of slot machines – ka-ching ka-ching. You have no idea who is winning and losing and how much, but the sound is soothing. After all, it’s great entertainment no matter who wins, and you have the same odds as anyone else.

PartyCasino Slot

PartyCasino Slot and Casino

PartyCasino Slot There are some terrific casinos splattered throughout Australia. When you are out on your travels, business or pleasure, why not take a little relaxation time and stop by the casino. Have a game or two of blackjack, or find your favourite slot machine and try your luck.

PartyCasino Slot

PartyCasino Slot In Sydney, you will find the StarCity Casino. In Melbourne, you can enjoy the Crown Casino, and the Reef Hotel Casino can be found in Cairns. The Wrest Point Hotel Casino, the Casino Canberra, and the Burswood International Resort Casino are also worth checking out. That’s just a handful of casinos where you can find some great entertainment.

If you hate travelling, or can’t get away, if you like to avoid crowds, and if you like doing things on your computer, you’ll want to check out the online slot world. There are thousands of sites that offer you some terrific online slot games and yes, you can still win money.

PartyCasino Slot

If you work on your computer, online slot games can offer a little bit of a break. Have a little fun to clear your head. PartyCasino Slot

PartyCasino Slot Machines Get An Upgrade

It wasn’t that long ago if you told anyone in the casino that you came there to play the slots you were looked at as if you were some kind of second class casino citizen. If you arrived to play slots, you wouldn’t enjoy the complementary gifts such as drinks, free rooms, and meals. These were reserved for those playing the tables.

PartyCasino Slot

Things have changed in the last decade as casino owners recognize that more than 80% of the visitors often start at the slots and try their luck, changing the opinion of many. And of course, there’s always the online slot games where you’ll never be treated as a second class anything.

How To Play Slot

Penny and nickel slots remain very popular, although the quarter and dollar machines are becoming the favourites. That’s because the payouts are better on the higher value machines. Multiple line machines have also become very popular because you decide how many lines you will bet on.


Most of the new machines have currency acceptors. You put your money in the slot, and in return you are given the value of your deposit in credits. You’re ready to play. Choose how man credits you want to play. Then hit the spin button or on some of the machines you can still pull the handle.

The Payout Of A Slot Machine

A commonly used configuration has been nine pay lines, where you bet 1 to 5 credits on each pay line. Video slots come with 5, 15, 20, 25, and 50 pay lines and they accept 25 coins per line.

Many of the reel style slots machines have a single payout line, although some have 3 and 5 payout lines. If the line is completed you win. You will often see cherries and bars as the symbols but there are hundreds of others. Different symbols have different amounts of payouts associated with them.

For example, a single line of three cherries might pay $2. A single line of bars might pay $200. Each machine is different. The payout should be displayed on every machine.

Online Slots

Online slots are the next generation of slot machines. Without ever having to leave the comfort of your desk, you can enjoy a little entertainment. What ever your fancy online slots has it to offer you.

There are many online slots that let you play for free. Then when you are ready you can start to pay for the real deal. Most take credit cards and some even allow payments through PayPal or Moneybookers.

Payout Stats

Las Vegas offers the highest payout in the developed world at 95%, but online and other parts of the world are offering a 93% payout, a significant increase from the past. That means you have a very good chance of enjoying a payout off your slot machine play.

The computer age has changed not just how we are able to play the slots but how the actual slots are built. Now all slots have a microprocessor. The earlier slots were mechanical. If you were good you could actually calculate when one of those mechanical machines would pay. That’s impossible with the new machines, but it’s still fun trying to determine a pattern.

Casino Tours

If you’re looking to get away from home, perhaps for a little vacation, there are many casino tours that you should consider.

They can include transportation, accommodations, and meals. You just need to bring yourself and your money for the games. Whether you prefer the tables or the slots you can enjoy a fun and exciting get away and you’ll be impressed at just how affordable these packages are

Australia casino tours are very affordable. Many bundle together free tokens, and even Broadway style shows. These tours are available with various starting points and destinations.

Peak holiday seasons book up fast. People are looking for an affordable get away and a casino package certainly fits that profile.

Slots are a lot of fun. They provide the mind with a little brain fodder, some distraction from our hectic day to day lives. Visiting a casino is always a lot of fun. There’s an energy that surrounds a person from the minute you enter the door. However, visiting a casino is not always possible. Playing an online slot machine lets you bring a little bit of that excitement into your home.
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